Bedifol at a glance

It is not so much the company history but rather an important story above all, which shapes our company and distinguishes it from others by its very origins.

The idea for our company came when our CEO Thomas Berkenkämper bought a digital camera and was not satisfied with the existing solutions on the market to protect the its display. He sought for raw film material and cut it to size to protect the most sensitive part of his digital camera, i.e. the screen. He then cut the rest of the raw material up similarly and so successfully sold his first screen protectors for this device on ebay.

These roots still define our company’s attitudes towards our products, our partners and customers. We still develop our products with the same passion and meticulousness as though we were producing them for its own use. And even today Bedifol is its own most critical customer.

Our Values


Why make it unnecessarily complicated if it can be easy and trouble-free? We offer our customers an innovative product portfolio, easy ordering and a very good service.


Fairness, respect for others, honesty, straightforwardness and competency are values that Bedifol is committed to and that mean more to the company than just a compulsory sales agenda: They are prerequisites for credibility.

Innovation and Quality

Bedifol wants not only to fulfill but surpass the current and future needs and expectations of its customers. This demands a self-critical position for the Constance based company, where the customers’ perception of the company and its products is the focus.


Thomas Berkenkämper - Geschäftsführer Bedifol GmbH

Thomas Berkenkämper

Managing Director

Founder and Managing Director of Bedifol GmbH, previously worked at Siemens AG and DaimlerChrysler AG. University studies in Information Systems and Economics at the University of Applied Sciences in Constance, German Student Project Management Award 2005.

Dominik Oriwall - Geschäftsführer Bedifol GmbH

Dominik Oriwall

Managing Director

Managing Director of Bedifol GmbH, previously freelance web designer and web consultant. University studies in Information Systems and Economics at the University of Applied Sciences in Constance.