Innovative screen protectors
for a safe and healthy Digital Life

With Bedifol you have the right partner you can rely on to protect the displays of your digital devices. We are specialists in the area of professional screen protection. We offer individual consulting and rapid delivery of innovative products. Discover our porfolio of screen protectors at


Scratch Protection

All our products protect your display from scratches and abrasion. Displays need to be protected, whether those made of Corning Gorilla glass or made of plastic. The differences in quality are determent by hardness and resistance to abrasion. Protect your display and preserve the value of your device. We help you to take the right choice.

Glare protection

Everyone knows the pain. You look at your screen, but only see your own reflection. This is due to light sources such as sunrays, office lights, or industry illumination. This problem is particularly annoying with mobile devices used outdoors. To combat these reflections we offer a variety of products. Most of them use a matted surface.

Privacy protection

Our screens show personal photos and confidential information such as finance information from the bank or customer data. Therefore, unwanted glances from strangers can bare a high risk. With our privacy protection products you make sure confidentiality remains. Whether while working on your notebook during a train commute or at your workspace in the office, no matter the place, your privacy is safe.

Health protection

Did you know that your device is a source of bacterial infections? Even though your device might look clean, germs are transmitted on to the display with every touch. This leads to the fact, that on average a smartphone display has more bacteria than a toilet seat. Unfortunately, normal cleaning won’t remove all the bacteria. Through your fingers or through direct contact of your device with your skin, these bacteria can transfer to your face, mouth or nose, causing infections.

With precision-matched material properties with regard to surface finish, scratch resistance, adhesive and installation properties we offer the best protection for your individual needs.

Our brands

Under the Bedifol Premium brand upscreen® we offer the most innovative products in best quality.

Under the Bedifol own brand BROTECT® we offer high quality products at fair prices.

We are authorised Partner for the  3M screen protection program since over 10 years.

Under the Bedifol own brand Savvies® we offer entry-level products to reasonable prices.

Product portfolio